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•Warm Up: Banded Lower body. 400m run.
•100’ waiter’s walks with heaviest plate possible. Keep going until you cannot carry a plate for 100’.
•Static Hold over the bar 3 rounds 20 second Hold, 1 minute rest (Underhand grip).
•Hollow Hold 4 rounds 10 second hold, 20 seconds rest

Daily Knowledge: Waiter’s walks are seemingly simple, yet challenging exercise. It challenges the ability to balance the plate, but more than that the heavier weights build stability in the shoulder, which will help decrease the chances of injury as well has fix problematic shoulder joints.

•SKILL: Muscle Up: Static hold at the top of the dip with the wrists pointed out 3x max time. 3x Max ring pullups with false grip.

AMRAP 20 Minutes:

2 Strict HSPU

2 M/U (Black 2 Pushups, 2 Pullups)

10 Box Jumps

12 KB Swings



30-60 Minutes Maffetone Method walk, run, bike, row



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•Warmup: Banded Lower body. 400m Run.
•Band Pull apart 20 reps.
•PVC shoulder dislocates 10 reps.
•Sotts Press 10 reps (use a bar if you can)

Daily Knowledge: Thoracic Bridges are a fundamental to gymnastics and build the ability to more easily get into and out of  handstands and also build flexibility and stability in the trunk and can be key to injury prevention in that area.


1. Power Clean 5×3

2. Sumo Deadlift 3×5

3. Bench Press 1RM


1. Clean and Jerk 10×1

2. Sumo Deadlift 3×5

3. Bench Press 1RM

•ABS:  4 Minutes max V-Ups w/band
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•Warm Up: Banded LB.
•400m Run.
•Band Pull Apart 25 reps.
•Wall walk to handstand 5 reps.
•Hollow Holds 3 rounds 20 second hold 30 seconds rest

Daily Knowledge: Side Lunges: So much of what people do in the gym focus on only 1 plane of movement, we squat up and down, lunge forward and backward. Lateral movements are also necessary. As a human we are designed to move in all planes. Side movements are essential to muscle balance and active flexibility which results in fewer injuries.

•Odd Object: Stone Lifts
•5 Rounds 1 Minute Each:

1. Wallball

2. Snatch High Pull 95/65

3. Ball Slam

4. Rest


30-60 Minutes Maffetone Method walk, run, bike, row