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•Warm Up: Banded LB.
•400m Run.
•Band Pull Apart 25 reps.
•Wall walk to handstand 5 reps.
•Hollow Holds 3 rounds 20 second hold 30 seconds rest

Daily Knowledge: Side Lunges: So much of what people do in the gym focus on only 1 plane of movement, we squat up and down, lunge forward and backward. Lateral movements are also necessary. As a human we are designed to move in all planes. Side movements are essential to muscle balance and active flexibility which results in fewer injuries.

•POWER: Box Jump 1RM

4 Rounds 1 Minute Each:

1. Hammer Swings L&R

2. Box Jump 24/20

3. MTN Climber

4. OHS 95/65


Maffetone Method 30-60 Minutes walk, run, bike, row

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•Warm Up: Banded LB. 400m Run.
• Frankenstein 100’.
•Bench Dips 10 Reps.
•Static Holds over the bar 3 rounds 20 second hold, 30 seconds rest. Back Extension 10 reps.

Daily Knowledge: Static Holds are a fundamental to basic gymnastics/calisthenics work. They teach you to support your bodyweight and are a precursor to basic movements like pullups. They are also fundamental to more advanced gymnastics movements like the planche and all types of levers.  Static holds are a fundamental you never outgrow, even the level 10 gymnasts use them in their training. They should be practiced frequently!


Fight Gone Bad:

5 Rounds 1 Minute Each:

2.Sumo deadlift High Pull 75/55
3.Box Jump 24/20
4.Push Press 75/25
5.Row for Calories


Maffetone Method 30-60 Minutes: walk, run, bike

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Warm Up: Banded LB.
•400m Run.
•Duck walk 100’.
•Farmers Walk 200ft 70/55 or adjusted weight.
•Super Front Rack Stretch 1 Minute each side
•Hang clean complex w/barbell 10 reps each 1 round: deadlift+hang Power clean+front squat

Daily Knowledge: Lighter farmers walks are another shoulder stabilizer that can help keep your shoulders healthy. They also utilize the traps and upper back as stabilizers-a primary function of those muscles. Loaded carries are a basic human movement that pay dividends.


1. Hang Power clean from knees 3RM

2. Front squat 1RM

3. Push Press 5×5


1. Hang Clean from knees 3RM

2. Jerk 5×3

3. Front Squat 1RM


•Abs:  3 rounds 1 Minute on, 30 Seconds off: V-up with band