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crossfit yoga
Warm Up:
Banded LB.
400m run.
20 PVC dislocates.
50’ Duck walk.
10 bench dips.
Waiters walk as heavy as possible each arm.
Hollow Holds 5 rounds of 30 second hold, 30 second rest.

Daily Knowledge: Waiter’s walks are seemingly simple, yet challenging exercise. It challenges the ability to balance the plate, but more than that the heavier weights build stability in the shoulder, which will help decrease the chances of injury as well has fix problematic shoulder joints.

Run 800m
100 Bodyblasters (burpee+pullup+strict Knee to elbow)
Run 800m

Maffetone Method 30-60 Minutes walk, run, bike, row

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Banded LB.
400m Run.
Agility ladder
Duck walk 50’.
Frankenstein 100’.
Farmers walk 200’ 70/55, hold shoulder blades back and traps shrugged.
Clean complex 10 reps each: deadlift, HPC, Front Squat.
Daily Knowledge: Lighter farmers walks are another shoulder stabilizer that can help keep your shoulders healthy. They also utilize the traps and upper back as stabilizers-a primary function of those muscles. Loaded carries are a basic human movement that pay dividends.

1. Power Clean 1RM
2. Back Squat 5×5
3. Barbell Row 5×5

Clean and Jerk 1RM
2. Back Squat 5×5
3. Barbell Row 5×5

ABS: Max 5 minutes Hanging Flutter kick

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**6pm Mobility Class with Coach Hope


Banded LB.
400m Run.
Jefferson curl 12 reps.
Thoracic Bridge 2×30 second hold.
Partner assisted static wheelbarrow 20 reps.
Banded Shuffle (red band only) 50’ each side.
Side Lunge 36 reps
Daily Knowledge: Odd Object lifting is putting the strength you build in the gym to use. Normally this will happen when doing outdoor physical labor. Doing a deadlift in the gym prepares you to lift a lawnmower when it comes to strength, but it is still different. Practicing lifting an odd object is fun and challenging and still be builds strength.

Odd object: Stone lift Training

AMRAP 15 Minutes:
5 Strict HSPU (B: Box HSPU)
10 Strict Pullups
15 Wallballs

Maffetone Method 30-60 Minutes walk, run, bike, row